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​Bike Servicing


Our Service

AD Cycle Repairs provide a mobile bike repair service in the Sedgemoor, North Somerset Bristol and Mendip areas. We are fully kitted out and have the best tools for the job,

offering personal and professional bicycle repair service.

​Getting you back on the road in a flash
with ​expert diagnosis and repair, o
ur services include FREE* collection and delivery in the local area.

We can offer all types of servicing, from puncture repairs and gear to tuning safety checks. We carry the majority of spare parts as stock.
We also have courtesy bikes for hire to enable you to continue cycling.

You will never have to be without a bike or have to take it to the shop again - we will come to you, at work or home!


Services available

Many of our Prices are in some cases almost half that of our competitors.   Why pay more?
If you would like to know more about our services or would like to book a service please feel free to complete the inquiry form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. (Usually within 24 hours)
Alternatively, phone and talk to us or leave a message.
Remember Collection and delivery is Free*!

Other service options

  • Kids bike service

  • Puncture repair

  • Gear tuning

  • Brake service

  • Brake bleeding

  • Wheel truing

  • Suspension fork servicing

  • Fox rear shock air can servicing

  • Wheel building/Truing

  • Many more. Please 

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Brake Service  £16 Each (basic)

  • Manual cable brake service and adjust.

  • All cables lubed and checked. Replace as necessary.

  • Brakes set for optimum efficiency.

  • Hydraulic brakes are from £25


5Alfine 8 Speed Hub Clean Service £95

  • The service will include a strip-down of the hub a clean and re-assemble and include all grease and oil Where necessary. This service will give your hub longevity and help remove some of the dirt that has worked itself into the hub. Shimano recommends a service 2 year or 2 thousand mile intervals.

This is for cleaning only and does not include extra parts


Puncture Repair £6.50

  • This is for a puncture repair and does not include a new tube.


Shock and bushing Service.

Is your bike knocking and the shock has little response. 
It may require a new set of seals and more than likely the bushings are warn and require replacement.
The new bushings are up-rated and are of better quality than that of the original, this will give a better and longer lasting extended life.
Please enquire for price

Bushing kits available in our shop soon!

Contact us for details


Bike Assembly

 Has your new bike arrived and you need someone to help you put it together and set it up correctly?

We can collect the bikie do the assembly and set it up for you and deliver it back on the day of your choosing.

Prices range from £55


Full Basic Service 

£49(Adult)   £39 (child single speed) (Tandem service £59)

  • This is the standard service to ensure that everything is fastened and adjusted properly to ensure safe and efficient operation of the bicycle. We recommend a Full Basic Service as a minimum at least once per year.

  • The bike will be inspected by the workshop manager/mechanic upon arrival. A visual inspection will be carried out to highlight worn/damaged components. 

  • Gears are set for optimum performance including a check on derailleur hanger alignment and resetting as necessary.

  • All cables lubed and checked. Replace as necessary.

  • Brakes set for optimum efficiency.

  • All bolts checked and adjusted to correct torque settings as applicable.

  • Tyres/tubes inspected and inflated to correct pressure.

  • Basic Wheel true

  • Check and Lube Drivetrain


Full Advance Service £85

  • The bike will be inspected by the workshop manager/mechanic upon arrival. Visual inspection made of all components for wear and damage. Replacements agreed with the customer.


  • Transmission components will be cleaned/degreased.

  • All Transmission components will be removed from the frame for the service/replacement.

  • All bearings checked and adjusted (not serviced unless agreed with customer).

  • All bolts checked for correct torque setting as necessary.

  • Gears set for optimum performance.

  • Wheels trued as necessary and rim wear checked.

  • Brakes set for optimum performance. New brake blocks/pads as necessary.

  • Cycle tested and signed off by mechanic.


Basic Tune-Up Service  £21.50

  • Basic Tune-Up Service   (No replacement parts required)

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Gear Service £14.50 Each

  • Transmission components Checked

  • All bolts checked for correct torque setting as necessary.

  • Gears are set for optimum performance.

  • Cable checked & replaced where necessary

  • Transmission Lubricated

  • Tested and signed off by mechanic.


Custom Service.

 We pride ourselves on being able to offer bespoke services to whatever your requirements.

 This may range from fitting a saddle to a full strip-down or a full respray and reassemble

Contact us for details

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